Sample Selector

Sample Selector is a tool for creating and editing samples, or groups of data you compare across—they're not "samples" in the statistical sense, but more like filters.

By default, a single sample exists: "All Data". With the Sample Selector, you can create new samples to organize your data.

You can use samples to:

A sample is composed of one or more filters, specific conditions that narrow down your sample.

Creating a sample

The general process for creating a sample is to:

The effect of multiple filters

DataShop interprets each filter after the first as an additional restriction on the data that is included in the sample. This is also known as a logical "AND". You can see the results of multiple filters in the sample preview as soon as all filters are "saved".


External Tools

Free tools submitted by developers in the educational data mining and intelligent tutoring systems communities. Please be aware that these files have been provided by users of the site; we cannot vouch for their accuracy or authenticity. To add your own tools, please log in.

Name Language Contributor Downloads Updated
Fitting Bayesian Knowledge Tracing models at scale Bayesian Knowledge Tracing is one of the most popular student modeling approaches in the field of Educational Data mining. It is in wide use in Intelligent Tutoring Systems community nowadays. This toolkit is an attempt to make fitting BKT models on BigData feasible. Attached please find Linux, and Mac executables. As well as tutorial slides (watch tutorial here ). Sources can be found on GitHub at C/C++ Michael Yudelson 983 downloads 2015-08-06
R Code for AFM R Code to pre-process step roll-up data and run AFM. R Ran Liu 72 downloads 2015-07-15
xBKT: A BKT Toolbox Created by Zachary A. Pardos ( and Matthew J. Johnson (, this is a BKT toolbox for MATLAB we have just presented at ICML that implements many of the BKT extensions proposed over the years and also has four orders of magnitude improvement in performance over BNT based toolboxes (e.g. BNT-SM). It supports individualized (by student or tutor components) P(T) and uses the familiar Expectation Maximization fitting algorithm (identical convergence to BNT). Matlab Zachary A. Pardos 50 downloads 2015-07-14
LFA This tool runs LFA algorithm over multiple skill models (represented as Q matrix). The tool requires a SSS (student-success-step) file and two or more Q matrix files. It combines the unique skills over the Q matrices to form the P matrix which represents the difficulty factors for LFA. java Hui Cheng 70 downloads 2015-03-03
Student-Step Rollup Export File Tool This tool extracts Q matrices and SSS (student-success-step) files from Datashop student-step rollup export file. java Hui Cheng 34 downloads 2015-03-03
Cronbach Alpha This tool computes Cronbach Alpha for a Datashop dataset. Based on item-elimination Cronbach Alpha values, it ranks item reliability with in a dataset. It takes dataset ID as required input and extract data from Datashop automatically for you and upload the results to Datashop per your request. Refer to readme.txt for specification on how to use this tool. Java Hui Cheng 67 downloads 2014-06-11
A'/AUC calculation and comparison Code for computing A'/AUC that does not fail for cases where multiple data points have same confidence. Also can compare A'/AUC across models without violating independence assumption. (version 3, November 28, 2012) Java Ryan Baker 10 downloads 2013-07-06
BKT Brute Force/Grid Search A toolkit for Bayesian Knowledge Tracing. Implements the Brute Force/Grid Search approach used in Baker et al. (2010, 2011a, 2011b, 2011c), Pardos et al. (2011, 2012), Gowda et al. (2011), and many other papers. This algorithm is approximately as effective as Expectation Maximization and runs faster. Java Ryan Baker 150 downloads 2013-07-06
DataShop Feature Distiller This tool distills features used by my group for affect, behavior, motivational, and meta-cognitive detectors. Designed for DataShop data, and for Cognitive Tutor data. Can be kludged to run with other LearnLabs and learning environments. Java Ryan Baker 28 downloads 2013-07-06
EDM Workbench Tool for distilling log data and conducting text replays to label constructs in log data. Can take DataShop data as input. Runs as jar. Java Ryan Baker 129 downloads 2013-07-06
HART (Human Affect Recording Tool) Android app for recording learner affect and engagement while using educational software. Has also been used to study kindergartners participating in classroom activities, and to study teacher behaviors. Android Ryan Baker 111 downloads 2013-07-06
Version 10.0.10 November 10, 2017