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Frequently asked registration questions

Can I enter multiple names?

No, we limit each participant to one final entry. Registering under multiple names would be considered cheating and disqualify you. Your real identity must be known to the organizers. You may hide your identity only to the outside by checking the "Make my profile anonymous" in the registration form.

Can I participate with multiple teams?

No. Each individual is allowed to make only a single final entry into the challenge to compete towards the prizes. During the development period, each team must have a different registered team leader. To be ranked in the challenge and qualify for prizes, each registered participant (individual or team leader) will have to disclose the names of eventual team members, before the final results of the challenge get released. Hence, at the end of the challenge, you will have to choose to which team you want to belong (only one!), before the results are publicly released. After the results are released, no change in team composition will be allowed.

I understand that one person can join only one team; however, is it OK to have many teams in the same organization?

Yes it is OK. Each team leader must be a different person and must register and the teams cannot intersect. Before the end of the challenge the team leaders will have to declare the composition of their team. This will have to correspond to the list of co-authors in the proceedings, if they decide to publish their results. Hence a professor cannot have his/her name on all his/her students papers (but can be thanked in acknowledgments).