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C. History of changes to the Tutor Message format

Version 4 additions

  • All selection, action, and input elements now have id and type attributes (2007/7/30).

  • Added the following elements to the context message's <dataset> element (2007/6/28):

    • <conversion_date>

    • <converter_info>

    • <replay>

  • Added the anonFlag (Boolean) attribute to the <meta> element's <user_id> element, which can indicate whether the user ID needs to be anonymized by the DataShop. (It's default value is false, meaning that the data have not yet been anonymized.) (2007/1/30)

  • Added two new possible values for the <problem> element's tutorFlag attribute: pre-test and post-test (2007/1/30).

  • Added new buggy attribute to the <skill> element, indicating whether or not the skill is a buggy skill. It's default value is false.

Major differences between version 2 and version 4

  • attempt_id renamed to context_message_id

  • New message type: context_message

    • Replaces curriculum_message

    • Flexible dataset hierarchy

    • <condition> element

      • Provides information on a study condition

  • tutor_message

    • <interpretation> element added to handle the "cognitive tutor’s idea" of what the student was doing

    • <custom_field> element added to store variables that are specific to the tutor application.

  • skill has new sub-elements:

    • name

    • category

    • model_name

  • semantic_event changes:

    • Removed id and semantic_event_id

    • Replaced with transaction_id

    • new attribute subtype for when additional classification of a semantic event is required

      • The Andes usage example is to have a semantic_event with the name HINT_MSG and a subtype of DIALOG.

  • action_evaluation has two new attributes:

    • hint_id to identify hints that cannot be identified by their text.

    • classification for classifying errors or hints. For example, hint of type BOTTOM_OUT.

Release history

  • Version 4: March 2006

  • Version 3: June 2005 (not supported)

  • Version 2: February 2005