Friday, April 5, 2019

LearnSphere 2.3 released!

This release features several usability improvements to Tigris, the online workflow authoring tool which is part of LearnSphere. We appreciate the feedback we have received at workshops and conferences and have addressed many of your comments in this release.

  1. Component warning message.
  2. We've added support for displaying any warning messages generated by components. Components with warnings are still able to complete, yet they now indicate that something is amiss. A new output stream, the "warning" stream, is recognized by the system. If authoring a new component, warnings can be added simply by logging messages with the prefix "WARN:" or "WARNING:" to the WorkflowComponent.log or *.wfl log files. See our online documentation for more details

  3. Attach your papers to your workflows.
  4. Allow other Tigris users to easily access work you have published referencing your workflows by attaching papers to workflows. They may be provided as URLs or uploaded directly to Tigris. An indicator shows which workflows have papers attached. Papers can be attached via the "Link" button in the workflow editor. Once added, papers may be linked to any number of workflows.

  5. Copy, paste and move multiple components.
  6. This feature can allow users to easily create a workflow to run over several different input files (or DataShop datasets). Copy and paste one or more components to extend a workflow or select groups of components to rearrange them, as a group, in your workspace. You can select components with left-click and drag to create a selection rectangle, or select components by clicking with the ctrl or ⌘ (command) keys. Data and options are retained during a copy/paste operation.

  7. Links included in annotations and descriptions are now clickable.
  8. Import component improvements.
  9. Attaching an imported file to a DataShop dataset allows that file to be used in other workflows. With this release, new DataShop projects and datasets can be created directly from the Import component.

    We've added a progress bar for uploading larger files.

  10. New and updated workflow components.
    • Transaction Aggregator. This component generates a student-step rollup from a tab-delimited transaction file. The student-step rollup is the required input for several of the Analysis components, e.g., AFM and BKT.
    • Tetrad Search. This component now implements the FASK search algorithm. Also, the Tetrad components now use the latest version of the Tetrad libraries (v6.5.4).
    • Assessment Analysis. This component is an extension of the Cronbach's Alpha component, adding columns for: (1) each item's percent correct, (2) the standard deviation of the correctness and (3) the correlation of each item to the final score.
    • Learning Curve Visualization. The component now supports categorizing learning curves 'By Student' as well as a composite curves option, e.g., 'All Students' and 'All KCs'.