Friday, January 4, 2019

LearnSphere 2.2 released!

This release features further improvements to Tigris, the online workflow authoring tool which is part of LearnSphere.

  1. Support for tagging workflows.
  2. We have added support for tagging workflows and extended our search capabilities to include tags.

  3. Workflow component debugging.
  4. Most Tigris components were developed to generate debugging information, especially in the case of an error. This debugging output is now available to users by clicking on the bug icon on each component. A dialog is opened with the last 500K of each debug log and a link for downloading the full log files. Note that only the owner of a workflow will see the debug icon.

  5. New Solution Paths visualization component.

    The Solution Paths component creates a visualization of the process students went through in order to solve a problem. The nodes in the graph are the steps that they encounted throughout the problem. The links show how many students took a particular path and the color of the link corresponds to the correctness of their responses from one step to the next. This component requires a DataShop transaction export input.

  6. Progress indicators for long-running components.
  7. We have added infrastructure that allows component developers to annotate their code and provide progress feedback to users. Currently the Join component supports this, with plans to include it in an Aggregator component being added in the next release. Information about how to instrument your component to take advantage of this feature can be found in the "Component Progress Messages" section of our online documentation.

  8. Webservice to export Knowledge Component (KC) models.
  9. The DataShop web service was extended to support export of dataset KC models. In the near future, the OLI LearningObjective to KnowledgeComponent component will allow users to specify a DataShop dataset that they wish to generate a KC model for and have that new model generated and imported into the specified dataset. This new webservice facilitates this.