Sample Selector

Sample Selector is a tool for creating and editing samples, or groups of data you compare across—they're not "samples" in the statistical sense, but more like filters.

By default, a single sample exists: "All Data". With the Sample Selector, you can create new samples to organize your data.

You can use samples to:

A sample is composed of one or more filters, specific conditions that narrow down your sample.

Creating a sample

The general process for creating a sample is to:

The effect of multiple filters

DataShop interprets each filter after the first as an additional restriction on the data that is included in the sample. This is also known as a logical "AND". You can see the results of multiple filters in the sample preview as soon as all filters are "saved".

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Upload your own data

Log data from an intelligent tutor or upload it for import into DataShop.

Analyze existing data

Analysis tools help you explore data visually, while statistical tools help you model knowledge.

Export easily

Export to a tab-delimited format that can be viewed in Excel, R, SPSS, or another analysis program.

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