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The US National Science Foundation (NSF) began requiring formal data management plans as part of the peer-reviewed funding proposal process effective January 18, 2011.

NSF Data Management Plan Requirement Overview

How DataShop Can Help

DataShop can play an integral role in your data management process and help fulfill NSF's requirements for a complete data management plan.

NSF requires that you describe the data you intend to collect and specify policies for access, sharing, privacy, and archiving of data. DataShop can serve as a secure repository and access point for your data, guaranteeing your data is made available for secondary analysis in the future and controlling when that access is given. These concerns and others are addressed in the template data management plan below.

DataShop Data Management Plan Template

Template Data Management Plan

The DataShop team has adapted the NSF guidelines to create a template data management plan. This template plan focuses on educational and tutor message data, and specifically cites DataShop as the data repository that will archive, backup, and disseminate your data. The five headings in the document follow the headings provided by NSF for a data management plan. Feel free to use this template as a starting point, and adapt and revise it as necessary. If you have any questions or would like to consult with us in the creation of your plan, contact us.

Project Support

As a principal partner, PSLC can provide assistance with project activities, including data logging, analysis, and storage. We also can provide access to LearnLab sites (i.e., arranging studies in schools who have agreed to be partners in research), as well as support for using PSLC DataShop and tools for tutor creation (CTAT). PSLC can also provide a letter of support for proposals.

Contact us directly if you are interested in any of these services.

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