DataShop Winter Workshop - 2008

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Please join us for our hands-on workshop! We promise it will be enlightening, educational and fun! Here's some information you'll find useful:


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Date, Time & all that jazz ...

Why are we having a workshop?

Believe it or not, we do have some goals we'd like to accomplish through hosting this workshop. Here's what we were thinking - hopefully you can help us meet our goals:

What are the Topics?

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10:00 am Coffee, Breakfast snacks
(20 minutes)
10:20 am DataShop General Overview (DataShop Team)
(30 minutes)
10:50 am KC Modeling Presentation (Ken Koedinger)
(30 minutes)
11:20 am Hands-On: KC Modeling
(40 minutes)
Noon Lunch - Structured Round Table Discussion.
(60 minutes)
1:00 pm DataShop Real Life Stories (Bob Hausmann, Kirsten Butcher)
(30 minutes)
1:30 pm DataShop Real Life Stories - Live Analysis (DataShop Team)
(15 minutes)
1:45 pm Hands-On: Analysis
(30 minutes)
2:15 pm Snack
(15 minutes)
2:30 pm Hands-On: What Next? (Phil Pavlik)
(45 minutes)
3:15 pm Survey & Feedback