LearnLab Surveys

As part of our requirements solicitation process, we interviewed and distributed a LearnLab Survey to each of the course leaders and tutor developers. The purpose of these surveys is to understand how researchers in each of the various LearnLab courses understand various knowledge units that we have identified. For more details you can access the full survey (.pdf) here

Tutor Element Kurt's tutorial ANDES WhyAtlas French (dev.) Chemistry Geometry ESL
Problem Task Problem Task Activities (problems or tasks are also okay) Activity, set of exercises, problem Problem Reading Event (RE)/Assessment Event(AE)
Subgoal Step Entries Expectations / Responses only included in complex activities. Not named parts, steps Step RE - None/AE - Question
Skill knowledge component Principles Principles Skills, Categories of Learning concepts, skills Learning Outcomes, Gains RE - Vocabular (Words), Grammar (Rules)
Right Answers correct step Right Answers Correct Features / Right Answers Right Answers correct answer Correct Answers/Steps Correct
Wrong Answers recognized error Recognized Errors Recognized Errors Predicted Error errors Errors Incorrect
Unanticipated Errors unrecognized error Unrecognized Errors Unrecognized Errors Unpredicted Error errors   None
Error / Wrong Answer Feedback Feedback. If it is just yes/no, then it is called minimal f. Red Incorrect Answer State Feedback feedback after submission Error Feedback Messages None
Hint Feedback if it addresses an step the student made already; Hint if it suggest a step for the student to enter Next Step Help (NSH) / What's Wrong Help (WWH) N/A Hint or Help hints (currently problem specific, such as restating the goal, not step specific) Hint or Help RE - Hint
Error Clusters Error categories Error Classes Misconceptions "We haven't thought that far…" but could be based on meaning, form, orthography "working towards that"…will be context dependent Error Categories None
Etc.   Inter-Help Questions   Latency data to indicate level of student engagement in the exercise identifying typical strategies used by students to solve the problem   Knowledge Module - takes students history of correct/incorrect and determines whether they should know a word.