This section contains supporting materials accrued by the MHCI Design team over the course of the Spring & Summer 2005 semesters.

Appendix A: Contextual Inquiry Models

We selected three users that we felt were representative of the researchers we interviewed in our contextual inquiries, and placed their models in this documentation. Extensive models are located on the team's wiki, which is located at You may contact one of the current Data Shop developers to get access to this space.

Appendix B: Previous Designs

While the MHCI team is confident in their final designs, we recognize the value in saving all of the designs that we've come across over the course of the semester. All designs that were considered and evaluated are present in this section. Under each is a brief bit of documentation detailing what was unique about the design, what tested well, and what did not.

Appendix C: LearnLab Surveys

Since the PSLC is a relatively new organization at this time, the MHCI Design team found it necessary to make sure all LearnLab courses would have a use for the reports that they devised. To this end, they went to the heads of each LearnLab course to ascertain whether their tutors contained (or will contain) the necessary elements for these reports to be effective. The results were primarily positive, but the detailed survey results are available in this section if you are curious.

Appendix D: Presentations / Miscellaneous

This page stores the presentations that we gave over the course of the Project course. They are a good indication of how our design evolved over time; they also succinctly summarize our rationale for particular design choices.