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Thursday, 5 October 2006

DataShop v2.1.14 Patch

This patch is mostly just for speed improvements in the log conversion step. A couple of bugs have been fixed too. These include:

  • DS257 Do not show database id's in the export table
  • DS259 Selecting a high knowledge component range in the learning curve report fails

Posted by Alida at 9:45 AM

Monday, 18 September 2006

New Java Logging Library Available

The Tutor Logging API provided by the DataShop is a Java package intended to make the logging of tutor messages easy. This version of the API is a complete rewrite of the previous package. It is simpler to use, complete to version 4 of the DTD and much smaller with less dependencies. Please take a look and update your code today!

Posted by Alida at 1:10 PM

Monday, 7 August 2006

v2.1.12 Release Notes

This is the final release of v2.1

Fixed Problems

  • DS243 Step Rollup export timeout
  • DS244 Export should not be allowed if no sample selected
  • DS245 Ajax error popup on Learning Curve with Safari
  • DS247 List box for secondary model doesn't display
  • DS248 The Dataset Info Page is too slow
  • DS249 Set Opportunity Cutoff no longer clearing out lower opportunities

Known Medium Priority Problems

  • DS137 Issues with Chinese characters: The sample selector does not work when a filter string has a Chinese character.

Known Low Priority Problems

  • DS55 Difficult to see third learning curve: If the opportunities for the third learning curve (green, with triangle end points) for a curriculum have an error value of 0, it is very hard to see this on the graph.
  • DS139 Web-iso account creation: Currently, the webiso new user functionality does work, but it goes through the OLI pages for the account creation. So, other than having the OLI look and feel, there is no problem. In the future, these pages will have the Data Shop look and feel instead.
  • DS142 Import tool messages which have no tutor message paired with it, and vice versa.
  • DS168 Using the arrow keys causes a double event in safari text suggest.
  • DS170 Learning Curve: Colors are bouncing around

Posted by Alida at 12:00 PM

Thursday, 27 July 2006

New Geometry Datasets and v2.1 Upgrade

Two new geometry datasets have been loaded:

  • Hampton 2005
  • Geometry Angles - North Hills Spring 2003

Be patient, these datasets are big and take some time to load. Contact me with your account id if you need access and don't have it already.

Also note that the DataShop has been upgraded. See the Release Notes to see what has been fixed

Posted by Alida at 5:39 PM

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