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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

DataShop 8.1 released - Sample to Dataset and several bug fixes

The latest release of DataShop introduces the new "Sample to Dataset" feature, which allows users to create a new, smaller dataset easily from a sample in an existing dataset. This is especially useful for large datasets for which AFM cannot be run due to size restrictions. Creating a smaller dataset from a subset of data can eliminate the restriction and allow KC modeling and AFM to run on the subset. Users can create datasets from their own samples, as well as from those that are public.

  • A new "Samples" subtab has been added to the "Dataset Info" tab. From this subtab users can view the list of samples defined for the dataset. The samples can be modified, deleted or saved as a separate dataset. To create a new dataset click on the "Save as Dataset" icon (pictured below).

    Creating a dataset from an existing sample will place the new dataset into the same project as the source dataset, giving it the same access permissions.

    For each sample, the history and any filters used to create the sample are available. If a dataset was created from the sample, that information will also be in the history.

In addition, we've added a few enhancements and fixed several bugs:

  • Web services was extended to allow users to generate a Learning Curve categorization report. This report can be generated for a specific KC Model in a dataset or, by default, include all KC Models in the dataset. This information is already available in the user interface but is now also available in a tab-delimited report format via web services. In addition to the category, the report includes the KC intercept, KC slope, number of unique steps, number of observations and the number of step instances.
  • For primary investigators and project administrators, the Current Permissions report for the project can now be exported from the Access Requests page.
  • A web services bug was fixed, now allowing users to add Custom Fields to public datasets.
  • The size limit for file uploads was increased from 100MB to 200MB. Dataset uploads are still restricted to 100MB.
Posted by Cindy at 10:00 AM

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Attention! DataShop downtime for release of v8.1

DataShop is going to be down for 2–4 hours beginning at 6:30am EST on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 while our servers are being updated for the new release.

Posted by Cindy at 3:00 PM

Thursday, 3 July 2014

DataShop 8.0 released - view the problem content that students saw

This release introduces a useful (and often-requested) feature for making sense of data in DataShop. For certain datasets, you can now jump from DataShop reports to the content that students interacted with—what we call "problem content".

Look for View Problem buttons throughout the interface (often in tooltips on problem or step name):

Clicking the View Problem button takes you to a new page with more information about the problem. (Note that the word "problem" is used in the sense of any activity the user did that was named in the problem column of the data.)

You can also access problem content from a new subpage of Dataset Info called Problem List:

What can you do with problem content?

  • Learn more about the system that students used
  • Inspect the interface and problem to explain student difficulties suggested by data
  • Use machine learning on the HTML export of problem content

Which datasets have problem content?

Look for the following icon on the list of datasets in DataShop.

For this initital release, datasets having problem content will mostly be either Open Learning Inititiative (OLI) datasets, or those containing data from Mathtutor or TutorShop. One public dataset you can explore now is FractionStudy2012 (part of Fractions Lab Experiment 2012).

How do I add problem content to my dataset?

Please contact us, and we will consult with you on the format DataShop expects for problem content. If you are short on time, consider attaching files documenting your system on the Files tab of your dataset.

Other changes in this release:

  • Problem Breakdown has been renamed to Step List
  • The number of files attached to a dataset is shown in parentheses on the Files tab
  • For learning curve categorization, display more information in tooltips about how the parameters determined which KCs fall within each category
  • Many bug fixes and small improvements.
Posted by Brett at 10:30 AM

Monday, 27 June 2014

Attention! DataShop downtime for release of v8.0

DataShop is going to be down for 2–4 hours beginning at 6:30am EST on Monday, June 30, 2014 while our servers are being updated for the new release.

Posted by Mike at 11:15 AM

Friday, 25 April 2014

Attention! DataShop downtime for hardware upgrade

DataShop is going to be down for 1–4 hours beginning at 7am EST on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 while our servers are being upgraded.

Posted by Alida at 3:42 PM

Friday, 14 March 2014

DataShop 7.2 released - many enhancements and bug fixes

In this release, we focused on fixing bugs and enhancing existing functionality. Here's a list of what changed:

  • On the Performance Profiler, you can now view the performance for each domain (Problem, Step, Student, Knowledge Component, Problem hierarchy level) by step duration, error step duration, and correct step duration.

  • Removed sample selection from Learning Curve KC Models sub-page, as the report is not based on sample information.
  • Automated the role request process for requesting permission to access web services, create datasets/projects, and add external tools.
  • When a project is created, we now automatically initialize the creator of a project as the project's PI, but this can later be changed by a project admin.
  • Relaxed import restrictions for new datasets. DataShop will now:
    • Warn if the Problem Start Time is blank (instead of an error)
    • Display an error if Step Name, Selection, and Action are all blank for a given row—one of these is required (instead of requiring both Selection and Action to have values)
  • On the Learning Curve page, the Other learning curve category has been renamed to Good—these knowledge components did not fall into any of the "bad" or "at risk" categories. Thus, these are "good" learning curves in the sense that they appear to indicate substantial student learning.

  • New notifications about IRB and shareability on the project permissions pages, as well as clearer documentation on shareability and sharing data.
  • New edit icons on Dataset Info overview table now show which rows in the table are editable by project administrators.

  • Dataset upload now prompts the uploader for whether the dataset contains "study data".
  • On the project page, a new Data Last Modified column is shown for all users.
  • Improved display for files-only datasets by disabling reports that require transaction data.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent web services from returning HTML on error.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting two transaction samples resulted in .zip file that couldn't be opened.
  • Error Report now correctly calculates and displays the number of observations per step, taking into account the "problem view". The report now distinguishes between number of students and number of observations, as a single student can do a step more than once over multiple instances of the problem (problem views).
Posted by Brett at 10:00 AM

Monday, 9 March 2014

Attention! DataShop downtime for release of v7.2

DataShop is going to be down for 2–4 hours beginning at 7am EST on Friday, March 14, 2014 while our servers are being updated for the new release.

Posted by Alida at 8:36 AM

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